Previous Bands

Before Mumbo-Jumbo and Stomp & Holler there have been a long list of other bands. Serial monogamy is the musicians state. Working chronologically backwards here are a few.

lineupsmallThe Big Blues Tribe – Big nine piece blues band with five brass and six voices. Played lots of festivals and gigs across the UK. The two Tony’s, Abby, Steve, Beth, Carolyn, Mike and Dave.

IsthatLesDawson3 Man Jam! – Oliver’s first go at small acoustic playing with Neil Worrall and Mike Nock.¬†Played loads of gigs and festivals.

Backdoor Blues Corporation – Traditional pub blues band – as good as they get. Two albums still available. Very jolly and a good bunch of guys!

Back 2 Miami – Oliver’s stint with old soul with all the old favourites.

Sneakin Suspicion – Where Oliver met Tony, and Tony, and Pete, Rob and more. Thought it was a blues band but ended up playing rock n roll!

Colonel Mustard’s Red Hot Boogie Band – like everybody’s first pub band with colour!

Jumpin Mutha Earth – Oliver’s introduction to pub playing with Ernie Chataway and Chris Lomas.

Albert Hall – Oliver’s alter ego playing his original music. Solo with own recorded backing tapes and live singing piano and more – what must it have sounded like?